mid-day was established in Mumbai in 1979 as a family-owned newspaper. The Ansari family promoted Mid-Day Publications Limited with main object of printing and publishing of newspapers, magazines, books, journals etc. To reflect the diversification of its activities into other media field and the changing nature of business, the name of the Company was changed to Mid-day Multimedia Limited (MML).

A new Company named Midday Infomedia Limited was incorporated w.e.f. 16/01/2008 to manage the print area. With effect from July 1, 2008 vide Business Transfer Agreement, the entire print and publishing business of Mid-day Multimedia Limited was transferred to its new wholly owned subsidiary called Midday Infomedia Limited.

In the year 2010, pursuant to the Scheme of Arrangement between Mid-day Multimedia Limited and Jagran Prakashan Limited and their respective shareholders and creditors, the company Midday Infomedia Limited along with all the related licenses, trademarks, logos, estates, rights, assets, claims, liabilities, title etc was de-merged from Mid-day Multimedia Limited was transferred to Jagran Prakashan Limited.

As such, as on date, Midday Infomedia Limited, along with its brands English mid-day, Sunday mid- day, Gujarati mid-day, the Inquilab; has become wholly owned subsidiary ofJagran Prakashan Limited, India's leading media and communications group with 360 degree solution across media (listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India)

Our brands:

English mid-day:

English mid-day started in the year 1979. mid-day presently is a morning edition but when it started it was the first afternoon tabloid newspaper. Also, mid-day had 5 editions i.e. Mumbai Mid-day (‘MMD’) Sunday Mid-day, Mumbai (‘SMD’) Bangalore Mid-day (‘BMD’), Delhi Mid-day (‘DMD’), Pune Mid-day (‘PMD’) and as such presence across 4 cities in India. However, with time editions like Bangalore Mid-day (‘BMD’) & Delhi Mid-day (‘DMD’), were closed in the year 2010 and Pune Mid- day (‘PMD’) was closed in the year 2014.

Presently, English mid-day is Mumbai’s Infotainment paper - engaging local newspaper. mid-day has become the quintessential connect for the uber-social generation to consume their local city news today. Over the past couple of years, the newspaper has been on a mission to up its engagement quotient with these social netizens. Whether it is local news, career guidance, dream homes, a look at what’s on in the city or best of bollywood gossip, mid-day’s sections (City, Hitlist, Guide,Sports, Education,Timepass pages, Big Break, Hot Property) have it all, alongside staple news and amusers like comics and crosswords.

To add to the dynamic product delivery through content, mid-day has also been creating a unique experience for its readers and clients marketing initiatives. The print innovations like Impact Cover1, Impact Cover 2, Power Jacket and promotional activities like the Derby, Hot property exhibitions, mid-day Real Estate Icons, mid-day musical nights, mid-day educational awards & many others have won accolade.

Sunday mid-day:

A Sunday edition, Sunday mid-day, began in 1980. It is a fun weekend tabloid specifically designed for weekend reading. It is one of the major English weekend periodical in Mumbai & delivers wholesome news & entertainment to a refined & affluent audience. Sunday mid-day celebrates Mumbai in all its flavours.

Gujarati mid-day:

Gujarati mid-day (GMD) launched in 1995 is one of the leading Gujarati Newspaper in Mumbai. GMD is a 7 day paper. It has strong community connect.

GMD is positioned as a complete family newspaper with content for everyone. The product is read by everyone at home. The focus of the paper is to deliver local city news which includes key stories on Gujarati community news and other city news. The newspaper also features a dedicated business segment focusing on share market and also displays world news. Some other features include Family room (short fiction novels, recipe, Bollywood & TV updates, Health & Beauty tips) and Sports coverage.

GMD only tabloid, is 2nd in Gujarati dailies. It has been connecting with and engaging the most affluent Gujarati and Marwadi communities in Mumbai. It has area-specific weekly supplements under the brand name of GMD LOCAL- Malad-Kandivali-Borivali, Ghatkopar and Mira-Bhayandar and Vasai-Virar.

Apart from all this, GMD actively undertakes various events like Community Cricket, Navratri Contest, Ladies Cricket, Bollywood night, Krishna Utsav, Mother’s Day special etc. to engage and connect with its readers.

Inquilab (Urdu daily):

Inquilab, the widely read Urdu daily was established in 1938 by Late Abdul Hamid Ansari. It is a known fact that Inquilab is one the most leading newspaper of the country, but, as far as Urdu newspapers are concerned, it is India’s number one. Apart from it, the paper is one of the most respected and trusted dailies of the country. With its unbiased and authentic news, Inquilab has carved a niche of its own. With its ‘closer to the community’ approach, Inquilab is known even to those who can’t read, write and speak Urdu.

Inquilab has progressed by leaps and bounds. In addition to the Mumbai edition, it also has many more editions in North India.

The Inquilab has recently launched it’s a weekly tabloid which is students edition ‘Taleemi Inquilab’, which comes out every Friday.