Refund Policy

Refund Process

  1. All refunds to be processed on the day of the request itself. All refund letter to be cross verified with the Release Order & Schedule.


  1. No cash Refunds can be given. All refunds entry must be saved in the CCP receipt module and the refund receipt generated. Both the original and refund receipt must be handover to team leader for counter checking and signature by the Ad-ops dept head. Post signature by designated accounts person both the original and refund receipt to be handed over to accounts for refund cheque generation.


  1. All refund processed shall be issued a refund cheque in name of the agency/client by accounts dept.


  1. The acknowledgement of receipt should be taken from the Cashier.


  1. In case of PD cheque bookings the executive processing the refund needs to ensure that the PD cheque is handed back to the client, after collecting the same from accounts so that it does not get deposited at a later date.


  1. The executive should inform the concerned agency/client immediately after the refund cheque is received from accounts so that they can collect the same.